What is H.O.A.R.D.S.?

Hoarders Overcoming Addictive Routines Deserving Success

Have you ever gone into a home where you’re unable to clear a path to sit down or walk? Are you ashamed to invite people over fearing they will judge you? Clutter is destroying your life & you don’t know where to start. This is hoarding.

Why Do We Hoard?

Hoarding is a behavioral disorder. It controls many individuals, giving them a fear of throwing away things which cause them to have an emotional attachment to items that eventually turns into clutter. Someone has to help individuals break the cycle. 

Hoarding doesn’t affect just older people; it is usually found in the homes of professional individuals (engineers, professors, teachers & psychologists). Hoarding has no prejudice but understand that when confronted, these individuals become defensive & deny that there is a problem. That is just being human!

How We Help Hoarders

Our goal at I Organize N-U Survive/ H.O.A.R.D.S consists of us going out & doing the job that God wants us to do… Serving & helping others in trouble! As a professional organizer, I often see hoarding. I’m not here to judge, that is God’s job. I’m here to serve & help individuals in need, as I lead them in the right direction to address the issue. 

The first step in overcoming this disease is accepting the fact that there is a better way & allow yourself to let go of all those negative emotions that make you collect: fear, guilt, anger, jealousy, illness or the loss of a loved one. Please don’t be embarrassed, this is a long-term problem so it won’t be solved overnight. 

In order for us to help you, you must want to first help yourself! Our commitment is to helping you survive & with our gift of organization… You will!

We Help Hoarders By...

Educating all clients with the fundamentals of organization & decision making.

Assisting the individual by developing the proper solutions to cease the cycle of acquiring things that have no place or value to their living.

Communicating & helping the client implement a strategic plan which will allow them to slowly but effectively break free of accumulating & collecting stuff

If we determine after following these steps that the situation is of a more serious nature, we will work directly with the client to help simplify their life & find the best solutions that will work for them.

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